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22mm 12v Small Planetary Geared Coffee Machine Motor

22mm 12v Small Planetary Geared Coffee Machine Motor
Model No. : DSD-22RP250
Trade Terms: EXW, FOB, CIF, CFR
Port: Shenzhen/Hong Kong
Payment Terms: T/T, PayPal
Minimum Order Quantity: 500pcs
Typical applications: optical equipment, CCTV camera, electric lock, automatic bath necessities, water IC Card, toys and gifts, office equipments, household appliances, automatic actuator...
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22mm 12v Small Planetary Geared Coffee Machine Motor
Drawing (mm)
Remark: find the length of gearbox "L" in below Technical Data of Gearbox.
Specifications below are for reference only. Contact us for more.
Model Number Rated Volt. No Load At Max Efficiency Stall
Speed Current Speed Current Torque Power Current Torque
rpm mA rpm mA Kgf.cm W mA Kgf.cm
DSD-22RP25000312000-64K 3V 188 1165 110 3700 2.6 2.94 6200 5.3
DSD-22RP2500128000-4.75K 12V 1684 150 1361 520 0.2 2.79 1800 1
DSD-22RP2500126000-19K 12V 315 190 230 650 0.8 1.89 1100 2.9
DSD-22RP25002416000-42K 24V 380 170 327 1000 1.8 6.04 2900 10
DSD-22RP25002416000-64K 24V 250 210 215 1000 3 6.62 2800 16
Remark: 1 Kgf.cm0.098 N.m14 oz.in    1 mm0.039 in
What a Model Number Tells You? 
We follow some rules to create each model number. A model number would tell you a lot of useful messages. Here is a sample.
So here we can learn that it is a 37mm Round Spur gear motor, 12V driving motor #555, no load input speed 6000rpm and reduction ratio 100:1. Hey, what about output speed? You need to do a little calculation. Input speed 6000rpm ÷reduction ratio 100 = 60rpm.
Technical Data of Gearbox
Reduction Stage 1 2 3 4 5
Reduction Ratio 4K, 4.75K 16K, 19K, 22.5K 64K, 76K, 90K, 107K 256K, 304K, 361K, 428K, 509K 1024K, 1216K, 1444K, 1714K, 2036K, 2418K
Gearbox Length “L” mm 13.5 16.9 20.5 24.1 27.6
Gearbox Efficiency 90% 81% 73% 65% 59%
Technical Data of Motor  
Motor model Rated Volt. No load Load Stall
Current Speed Current Speed Torque power Torque Current
V mA r/min mA r/min gf.cm W gf.cm mA
250-12-8000 12 120 8000 400 6800 40 2.8 260 2060
250-12-10500 12 150 10500 620 8953 49.4 4.54 315 3250
250-24-15000 24 90 15000 380 11521 39.8 4.71 192 1380
DIY with Your Gear Motor  
With the Technical Data of Gearbox and Technical Data of Motor, now you are ready to DIY with your gear motor. Follow the steps here. 
Q: Can you make a motor with custom specifications?
A: Yes, actually that is what we do m, ost of the time.
Q: What is delivery time of samples?
A: 1~3 weeks.
Q: What is delivery time of mass production?
A: 4~5 weeks.
Q: What is the MOQ (minimum order quantity)?
A: You can find it in the front of the product pages.
Q: Do you have motors in stock?
A: No, we don’t. All motors are made with orders.
Q: How much does a motor cost?
A: Please send us an inquiry and tell us exactly what you are looking for.
Q: Do you have quality control?
A: Yes, we have a professional QC team.
Q: Are you a real factory?
A: Yes, we are.
Q: How to pay you?
A: a) We prefer PayPal transfer for samples and small amount of money. b) Bank transfer for large amount of money. Regular payment terms: 30% deposit, balance before shipment / against shipping documents.
Q: How do you handle shipment?
A: We recommend DHL Express for samples and small quantities. It is very fast, safe and relatively cheap. b) We arrange shipment by sea and by air and go with FOB/CIF/CFR terms for large quantities.
Q: What do you need to know if I need a recommendation on motor?
A: Normally we need to know dimensions, rated voltage, speed at load/no load, torque at load/stall. i.e. a motor with diameter 37mm, 12V, 100rpm and 2Kgf.cm at load.
Q: Can I ask you for help if I know nothing about motor?
A: Yes, our pleasure. We are nice people with big hearts.
Q: Can I call you?
A: Yes, please call the international sales manager. He’s very good at English.
Available on 9:00 a.m. ~ 10:00 p.m. China time


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