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4.5V 12mm N30 Mini Dc Gear Motor

4.5V 12mm N30 Mini Dc Gear Motor
Model No. : DSD-12SSN30
Trade Terms: EXW, FOB, CIF, CFR
Port: Shenzhen/Hong Kong
Payment Terms: T/T, PayPal
Minimum Order Quantity: 500pcs
Typical applications: Labal printers、auto shutter、welding machines、water meter IC card、grill、oven、cleaning machine、garbage disposers household appliances、slot machines、money detector、 automatic actuator.coffee machine 、towel disposal、lighting、coin refund devices、peristaltic pump....
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DSD-12SSN30 4.5V 12mm N30 Mini Gear Motor
Drawing (mm)
Remark: find the length of gearbox "L" in below Technical Data of Gearbox.
Specifications below are for reference only. Contact us for more.
Model Number Rated Volt. No Load At Max Efficiency Stall
Speed Current Speed Current Torque Power Current Torque
rpm mA rpm mA Kgf.cm W mA Kgf.cm
DS-12SSN304.526300-20K 4.5V 1350 200 1028 550 0.08 0.84 1300 0.32
DS-12SSN304.526300-63K 4.5V 417 230 316 1100 0.3 0.97 2400 1.7
Remark: 1 Kgf.cm0.098 N.m14 oz.in    1 mm0.039 in
What a Model Number Tells You? 
We follow some rules to create each model number. A model number would tell you a lot of useful messages. Here is a sample.
So here we can learn that it is a 37mm Round Spur gear motor, 12V driving motor #555, no load input speed 6000rpm and reduction ratio 100:1. Hey, what about output speed? You need to do a little calculation. Input speed 6000rpm ÷reduction ratio 100 = 60rpm.
Technical Data of Gearbox  
Reduction Stage 2 3 4 5 7
Reduction Ratio 10K 20K, 30K 50K, 63K, 100K 150K, 210K, 250K, 298K 1000K
Length of Gearbox "L" mm 9 12
Gearbox Efficiency 81% 73% 66% 59% 48%
Technical Data of Motor 
Motor model Rated Volt. No load Load Stall
Current Speed Current Speed Torque power Torque Current
V mA r/min mA r/min gf.cm W gf.cm mA
DSD-N304.526300 4.5 ≤130 26300 ≤610 23200 5 1.2 ≥25 ≥2200
DIY with Your Gear Motor
With the data of the driving motor and the gearbox, now you are ready to DIY with your gear motor. Follow the flowing chart here.

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3DC Voltage range:1.5V-42V 

4.Speed range:1RPM-30,000RPM

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